Forklifts are a common vehicle found in warehouses, superstores, and industrial work sites. The function of a forklift is to lift heavy objects or materials and transport them somewhere else within the same general area. For instance, if a manufacturing company wanted to transfer a pallet of finished goods from the warehouse to the back of a truck outside, a forklift operator would pick up those goods in the warehouse with the forklift and drive them over to the truck. There are literally dozens of other examples that can be given for how forklifts can be used.

Given the nature of their environment, forklifts incur a lot of stress over the course of their operation. Not only are they lifting heavy objects all day, but they must transport those objects around all day too. Whenever a forklift stops working properly, it can be a major setback for that business. Suddenly, their productivity goes down and they cannot get their work done fast enough. Meanwhile, they need to worry about moving the forklift to a new worksite location or to where it can promptly get repaired.

Executive Towing Services Can Help

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Executive Towing Services is the top service provider of forklift transport in Perth. We have transported forklifts all over Perth for many years now. Our commercial and industrial clients come from a variety of different industries, so it doesn’t matter what type of business you are operating. If you have a forklift that is not working, or if you need it transported to a new worksite, then we are the machinery transport service to call.

Customer service is something that we pride ourselves in doing well. The clients that we have all over Perth have experienced our commitment to customer satisfaction for themselves. They know that we are the best towing company in the city for transporting forklifts. We employ the most qualified and experienced team who know how to transport and operate forklifts. In addition, we have the proper vehicles that can safely move a forklift without any risk of it getting damaged or scuffed.

Tilt Tray Towing for Forklifts

When you need to move a forklift in Perth or any area around it, you’ll need a transport service that uses a tilt tray tow truck. The forklift will securely be transported on top of a flat horizontal platform the entire time it is on the truck. That way, it is not in a vulnerable position like on a trailer where it may get damaged from rocks, potholes, or bumps on the road. Forklifts are such small and fragile machines and must be treated delicately. This is the only way to ensure that your forklift does not get damaged in any way during the towing process.

Executive Towing Services can send a tilt tray to any location in Perth within a short time after you call. In most situations, your forklift problem will occur at your warehouse or worksite. It may be a situation where your forklift is stuck in the middle of a warehouse or on an unlevelled terrain outside. Do not worry about this situation because we have experts who know how to move a faulty forklift from anywhere on the ground and get it on the tilt tray truck without any hassle.

If you have questions about how we go about transporting forklifts in Perth, you can call us at 0410 471 056 and speak with our customer support operator. They will be more than happy to provide you with answers to all your questions. And if you need to make a service request, you can use that same number too. We will dispatch a truck to your designated area as soon as possible. They should be there promptly to get your forklift off the ground and transported to its destination. This could be a new worksite, or a specialised mechanic who knows how to fix forklifts.

Speedy, Affordable and Dependable Forklift Transport in Perth

When you are operating a worksite, factory, construction site, or warehouse, you must maintain speed and efficiency always. There is no time to procrastinate when it comes to transporting a forklift somewhere to get fixed. One bad forklift could set your business schedule back for hours or even days. If you don’t have a dependable forklift transport service provider to call, then your business will lose profits and ultimately suffer for it.

Executive Towing Services offers speedy, affordable, and dependable forklift transport services in Perth and all its surrounding areas. It doesn’t matter how far we must travel within this region to transport your forklift or any other piece of heavy equipment or machinery. And you require your forklift to be transported to a country area in Western Australia we have the capacity to offer this service too. Our tilt tray towing experts can load your forklift on a tilt tray truck in a matter of minutes and transport it wherever it needs to go.

There are three simple steps to transporting a forklift; 1) loading the forklift onto truck; 2) transporting the forklift to the requested destination; 3) unload the forklift at this destination. Our drivers always follow the local laws surrounding transportation and workplace safety when it comes to moving forklifts. You can have peace of mind throughout the entire process by knowing that your forklift is being transported by seasons veterans of the business.

Professionalism and Safety All the Way

Given the design and nature of a forklift, it must be loaded very securely onto the back of our tilt tray tow truck. There are multiple factors that need to be considered during this process, such as the weight, chain capacity, and position of the load. Most importantly, the restraining method used for the forklift must not compromise it in any way. In other words, the forklift needs remain idle the entire time it is on the back of the truck. If it were to jump or slide around in the slightest, it could end up causing damage to the forklift.

Plus, you won’t always need to transport a faulty forklift. Perhaps you just need to transport a forklift from one worksite to another. As a business owner, you cannot afford to take chances when it comes to any of your industrial machinery. After all, the health and safety of your workers are very important. If the forklift were to get damaged during transit, it could endanger any worker who uses it. These are all risks that you cannot afford to take with a service provider that is inexperienced.

Executive Towing Services will practice professionalism and safety the whole time we’re transporting your forklift. Our experts take great caution and care with every forklift moved. They make sure the forklift is restrained tightly so that it won’t move an inch. This will ensure that it stays unscathed throughout the whole trip. There will also be no risk of the forklift sliding off the truck and hurting somebody on the road nearby.

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Hopefully, you now understand why it is crucial to hire a team of professionals like Executive Towing Services to transport your forklift. It will guarantee the safety of your workers, other people on the road, and the vehicle itself. Whether you need to the forklift moved a short or a really long distance, we can make it happen for you.

The phone number where you can reach us is 0410 471 056. Use this number to set up a service call, request a quote, or ask any questions about our services that you may have.

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