Inexpensive Towing with a Tilt Tray in Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. It is also a beautiful coastal city with a growing population of both individuals and businesses. This means a variety of different vehicles are traveling on the streets and roads of Perth every single day. Whenever one of these vehicles breaks down, the driver is going to need a tilt tray who can safely transport their vehicle to the proper destination.

Executive Towing Services offers tilt tray towing to both residents and businesses of Perth. In fact, we are the number one provider of tilt tray services in Perth because of our expertise and professional commitment to customer service. For over a decade now, we have serviced customers all throughout the city of Perth as well as its surrounding areas. Our customers keep coming back to us because we are the only ones in Perth that provide dependable tilt tray towing services at affordable prices. No matter what your vehicle transportation requirements are, we can accommodate them.

What is Tilt Tray Towing?

When you see a standard towing truck, it is usually pulling another car in the back of it. This might not seem like any big deal but depending on the type of vehicle it may not be suitable to transport the vehicle this way because the car could be susceptible to much further damage as it is getting pulled on the road. If this is a car that has just been in an accident or is some kind of luxury car that is very fragile, you cannot afford to risk having a standard tow truck transport it for you. You need a towing service that will keep the car safe as it is transported to its destination. In this case, you’ll need a tow service provider that offers tilt tray towing.

A tilt tray truck has a hydraulic system which allows its rear tray to lift the vehicle off the ground and then place it in a horizontal position on the back of the truck. This means the towed vehicle will be completely off the road as it is being transported by the truck. As a result, nothing gets dragged or pulled in the back. The vehicle stays safely secured on the back of the truck.

Whenever a vehicle becomes involved in a serious accident, it often incurs severe damage. A vehicle like this should not be transported with a standard truck. After all, damaged vehicles are not so simple to tow if they’re being pulled. They could have pieces of glass and metal falling off it because of the condition it is in. If a vehicle like this is pulled on the road, it may incur even more damage. Besides, you wouldn’t want to risk those pieces falling onto the road and impacting other vehicles.

Therefore, your only option in such a situation is to use tilt tray towing service for your vehicle. Executive Towing Services has an entire fleet of tilt tray trucks just waiting to service any customer in Perth. If you have any kind of specific requirements for transporting your vehicle, then you will want tilt tray towing. It is the safest and most reliable towing service you can ever use to deliver your vehicle in the same condition to its destination. This could be a smash repairer, car dealership, local auto garage, or any relevant location where you’d want your damaged or broken-down car to go. If you need us to recommend a place, we are more than willing to do that too.

Tilt Tray Towing for High Performance and Lowered Vehicles

Do you have a high performance and lowered vehicle that needs to be transported? If so, a tilt tray towing service is just what you need to get the job done. These types of vehicles include antique cars, classic cars, hot rods, sports cars, luxury cars, race cars, and any high-performance vehicle that is unlike the standard vehicle on the road. The monetary value alone of high performance and lowered vehicles makes it essential to handle them with care. Owners treasure these vehicles because they are major investments that cannot be replaced in many cases. Tilt tray towing will ensure that such vehicles are transported to their destination in the exact same condition. No damage, scuffs, or marks will be on the vehicles whatsoever.

yellow and black sports can on tilt tray truck in Perth

Executive Towing Services has highly trained tilt tray towing operators who know how to safely transport high performance and lowered vehicles. These could be anything from custom-built cars to vintage classics. Whatever kind of valuable vehicle that you own, our team of tilt tray operators can transport it from one location to another unscathed. We will treat your prized possession as if it were our very own.

Just in case you still have doubts, we have fully insured all our tilt tray trucks. Not only that, each driver that we employ possesses the proper experience, licenses, and credentials to operate these specialized recovery and transport vehicles. This gives you a guarantee that your cherished vehicle is in good hands as it gets transported from one place to the next. You won’t find a more dependable, affordable, and efficient provider of tilt tray towing services anywhere in Perth.

To get started with a service call or to enquire more about our services, feel free to give us a call at 0410 471 056. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you in any way we can. Just tell us about the nature of your situation and what kind of towing service you need. In response, we will immediately recommend the best towing solution for you at the most inexpensive price. If you need an emergency tilt tray towing service, we can dispatch an available tilt tray to your location in Perth in a timely manner. Our goal is to get your vehicle transported to its destination in the fastest and safest way possible. That is how devoted we are to customer satisfaction.

Cost-Effective and Fast Tilt Tray Towing

Our tilt tray towing services accommodate more than just standard cars and trucks. We can also transport industrial equipment and other kinds of heavy machinery too. For instance, we can load and unload special workplace machines like diggers, forklifts, scissor lifts and bobcats. The speed and affordability for towing these types of machines may be no different than towing any other type of vehicle. In addition, we will perform our transportation service up to the highest standards needed to maintain the health and safety of your workplace environment.

You might be wondering, “How can you provide such cost-effective and speedy tilt tray transportation services in Perth?” Well, the simple answer comes down to two things. First, we have invested a great deal of time and money into obtaining quality heavy-duty tilt trays. These trucks are designed to tow passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, heavy vehicles, industrial equipment, and other kinds of machines. Second, we only hire the most qualified drivers who have a proven themselves to be knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled at operating tilt tray tow trucks.

Executive Towing Services only delivers maximum benefits to all our business, residential and industrial clients in Perth. Some of the biggest benefits include the following:

  • The tilt tray trucks that we use are designed to transport a wide variety of vehicles, equipment, and industrial machinery.
  • All machinery and equipment items will be loaded onto the truck at ground level as safely and quickly as possible.
  • Your vehicle, equipment, and/or machinery loads can be delivered affordable and time effectively to virtually any location in Perth.

Long Distance Towing and Transport

We realise that many businesses in Perth will need to transport their machines, vehicles, and equipment to other work sites in county and rural areas. You will be happy to know that our fleet of tilt tray trucks extends beyond just Perth. Executive Towing Services offers towing services to most country areas of Western Australia. So, if you need a heavy piece of machinery or commercial vehicle transported out of Perth to a construction site, then we can make it happen for you.

For instance, let’s say your construction company needs to send various industrial machines and equipment to different areas. Perhaps you need to move an elevated work platform from Osborne Park to Busselton or a forklift from Northam to Wangara. Whether you need this done simultaneously or at different times, our tilt tray fleet is readily available to handle this task.

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As you can see, there is no limit to the benefits of using our tilt tray in Perth. They are the only solution for transporting a vehicle safely and quickly from point A to point B. The best part is that it’s just as affordable as hiring a standard tow service. The only difference is that we will ensure your vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition.

If you are ready to make a service call, contact our office right away on 0410 471 056. We can have a tilt tray out to your location promptly. The estimated time of arrival and price will all be given to you over the phone. Just be sure to describe your exact needs to the customer service representative so they can give you an accurate quote and send the proper assistance to your location.

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