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Do you need heavy towing or transport in Perth? The term “heavy towing” refers to a situation where heavy vehicle or machinery needs to be towed and relocated to a different location. Now you might think that standard cars are heavy machines also because they each weigh about or more than a tonne. While technically that might be true, there are much heavier machines on the roads than your average consumer vehicles.

Heavy towing Perth services are suitable for any type of heavy machinery that cannot be towed with a normal tow truck. These heavy machines could include buses, trucks, tractors, large recreational vehicles, construction machinery, and almost any heavy commercial vehicle or machinery that you can imagine. If you have heavy machinery like this in Perth and need it to be towed somewhere else in the city or Western Australia, then you have found a qualified towing provider that can accommodate your needs.

Executive Towing Services can transport anyone’s heavy machinery from anywhere in Perth. We know that transportation may be required for your heavy machinery and this that it is not as easily transported as a normal passenger car. You cannot simply call any towing company for this because most of the local towing providers do not have the proper tow trucks and equipment to handle such heavy machinery. That is where we come in.

Executive Towing Services operates “heavy-duty” tilt tray tow trucks that are designed to transport the weight of heavy machinery and trucks. It doesn’t matter if your heavy machines have an unusual size or shape to them. Our heavy-duty tilt tray tow trucks can keep your heavy machinery restrained safely as it’s being transported to its specified destination. We can assure you that no damage will be inflicted upon your heavy machinery and it will reach the required destination safely while it is in our care.

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Trained and Experienced Heavy-Duty Towing Operators

Executive Towing Services is comprised of highly trained and experienced heavy-duty towing operators. We make sure to only hire heavy towing operators who have gone through the proper education and training and our knowledgeable and expert in their field.

After all, heavy towing is unlike any other type of towing. It is also a very dangerous type of towing if the operator doesn’t know what they’re doing. That is why it is essential to hire an experienced company with operators who possess the skills and training necessary to keep your heavy machinery safe. Not only that, but it will keep other people safe on the road as well.

There are several procedures and steps that need to be followed when loading heavy machinery onto the back of a heavy-duty tilt tray tow truck. The precise level of control and care must be implemented at all times, or else an accident could happen. Our experienced heavy towing operators know how to minimise risks and maintain safety throughout the entire towing process.

Heavy machinery takes up a lot of room. Between that and its unusually shaped frame, it must be winched onto the tilt tray tow truck properly and secured to ensure that it doesn’t pose a threat to anyone on the road. That is just one more reason why you should choose Executive Towing Services to handle your heavy towing requirements.

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How it Works

 When you are ready to request heavy towing services in Perth, the first thing you should do is call us on 0410 471 056 to submit your request. Tell our customer service representative as much information about your heavy machinery or truck as possible.

Some helpful information we will need includes the weight, size, dimensions, model number, and location of the machinery. If you don’t know all the specific pieces of information about the machinery, that is okay. Just let us know as much as you can about it, and we’ll send the best towing operator for the job to your location as required.

Heavy towing is a challenging task. When a towing vehicle transports something that is heavy, it requires more power to be generated. And if the heavy machinery is large in size, then traveling down narrow streets or making sharp turns can become a very elaborate and time-consuming task.

Several mental calculations must be made by the towing operator as to whether traveling down a particular street is safe or not. One wrong calculation could result in a terrible situation that results in your machinery getting damaged and someone getting hurt. That is all the more reason why you need an experienced professional heavy towing company like Executive Towing Services.

When something heavy and massive is loaded onto the back of a heavy-duty tilt tray tow truck, it will be a tight fit for sure. But we’ll make sure it fits securely on the tilt tray. All you need to do is call us and let us know where the heavy machinery or truck is currently located. We’ll dispatch the closest heavy towing operator to that location and take over from there. 

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No Membership Fees or Long-Term Contracts Required

Customers of Executive Towing Services are not required to sign long-term contracts or commit to any membership enrolment obligations. We can handle single towing requests without the need to enter into any long-term commitments. When you request a heavy tow from us, we’ll provide you with an estimated cost for the service. If the cost is acceptable to you, we’ll send out a professional to your location when required.

Of course, if you plan to tow heavy machinery in Perth on a regular basis, then you can sign up for one of our long-term membership plans and receive discounts on our services. The choice is completely up to you. Many of our regular clients are businesses from several different industries that use heavy machinery frequently. If you manage such a business, then you will find our services suitable for your needs.

Heavy Towing Perth

Are you ready to request our fast and efficient heavy towing service in Perth? If so, then contact us today. Over coverage area includes Perth and many of the areas and towns in Western Australia. Call us on 0410 471 056 or contact us here.

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