Debunking the Common Myths Regarding Tow Truck Companies

It is common for tow truck companies to unfairly receive a bad reputation from the public. If someone’s car is impounded or towed for parking in a restricted area, they usually blame the tow truck company for taking their vehicle away. And if this hasn’t happened yet, people often criticise tow truck companies as being a threat to their vehicle. However, what these people don’t realise is that tow truck companies can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Once a tow truck comes to the rescue of one of these people, they tend to change their perception of tow truck companies after that.

Here are some of the common myths which people believe about tow truck companies.

1) Expensive

A lot of people believe that tow truck services are expensive and overpriced. This is probably because towing services cost more than taxi services. Of course, the big difference here is that tow truck companies are in the business of transporting vehicles, not people. Because of this, they need to charge more money to cover their operating expenses. Some of these expenses include the maintenance, fuel, insurance and operation of the tow trucks. Other factors that go into their pricing include the distance in which they need to travel and the level of difficulty and time for recovering a vehicle. If there are actual risks to the towing job, that adds to the cost as well.

smashed Hyundai recovery on a tilt tray

This may sound like a lot, but it is not. Tow truck service prices do not break the bank. Consider it an investment in caring for your vehicle and getting it transported to safety. Without this service, your car is at risk of ending up in worse shape. Then you’re looking at much more expense.

2) There Are Towing Services Available

Another myth is that tow truck companies only offer towing services. They associate towing services with companies that remove cars from parking spaces or transport them to smash repairers after they’ve been in accidents.  Both of these things are not very positive. Fortunately, towing services are not all that towing companies offer. They also offer roadside assistance services like tyre changing, unlocking car doors, providing fuel replenishment and jump-starting dead batteries. There is no better feeling than having a tow truck operator come and jump-start your battery while you’re stranded alone on the side of the street, and if they are unable to get the vehicle going again, they can tow the vehicle straight to your mechanic without any further delay.

3) Rural Areas Have No Towing Companies

People driving in rural areas worry about getting stranded because they think there are no tow truck companies around to save them. But there actually are towing companies which exist in these rural locations. It may be a smaller operation, but it is better than nothing. They can still give you roadside assistance or transport your vehicle to the nearest mechanic.

4) You’re Forced to Wait for Hours

People are reluctant to call tow truck companies because they don’t want to wait for hours in the same location. They assume that’s how long it will take. However, the average wait time for most people ends up being about 60 minutes. The time starts from when you first call the company on your phone to when the tow truck operator arrives at the scene. The only way it will take longer is if there are bad weather conditions or other hazards on the road. Otherwise, help won’t take long to get to you.

Use a Reputable Tow Truck Company

Not all tow truck companies are the same. It is best to choose an experienced and reputable tow truck company that can provide any towing service that you need. Executive Towing Services sure fits this description. We have a team of knowledgeable and expert towing professionals that can perform roadside assistance, vehicle transportation, and vehicle recovery services. Just contact us on our website or over the phone and we can get started serving your towing requirements.