The Benefits of a Full-Service Towing Company in Perth

Private and commercial vehicles travel on the roads and streets of Perth every day. Most people drive standard cars and SUV’s and commercial businesses may use trucks, vans and buses. What do all these vehicles have in common? The answer is they are all susceptible to breakdowns and accidents.

Some towing companies are limited to what they can tow or transport. They may not have the towing technology, purpose-built trucks and equipment to tow heavy vehicles, long vehicles and oversized vehicles. Executive Towing Services is one of the few towing companies with advanced heavy tilt tray tow trucks and highly skilled emergency roadside operators. These resources give us the capability to tow all types of vehicles with a weight capacity of up to 13.5 tonnes. It doesn’t matter what condition the vehicle is in as will be able to move it.

Why You Should Hire Our Full-Service Towing Company

Executive Towing Services offers the most comprehensive range of towing services in Perth. There is no job that we cannot handle because we have all the best towing tools, equipment, trucks and operators in the entire city.

Here is what we can deliver to any customer:

  • Vehicle breakdown recovery and transportation
  • Accident towing for damaged vehicles
  • Emergency roadside assistance for vehicles with flat tyres, lockouts, dead batteries, and empty fuel tanks
  • Long-haul and short-haul towing services
  • Lowered and performance vehicle towing
  • Your vehicle will stay secured at all times on our advanced tilt-tray tow truck
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly towing solutions
  • Hassle-free customer service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Don’t you wish every towing company offered all of these services to their customers? Executive Towing Services has established a pristine reputation over the last 15 years because of its dedication to customer satisfaction. Our company strives to work quickly and professionally whenever we receive an emergency roadside service request in Perth.

When our operators arrive at the vehicle breakdown or accident site, we will inspect the scene closely. The inspection will make it easier for our towing operators to transport the vehicle safely so that no further damage occurs. We can deliver the vehicle to a holding yard, repair shop, home address, business address, or any other address you want.

We also offer a holding yard service if the vehicle has been accidentally damaged. You can have your insurance claims adjuster evaluate the damages before they are repaired. This way you can make an appropriate decision if the repair will go ahead and which repairer you would like to use.

Here is Why You Should Never Attempt Self-Towing

Towing a vehicle requires more than a standard tow truck. You need to have the knowledge, training and experience to tow a vehicle correctly and safely. Otherwise, you run the risk of injuring other people and damaging property as you transport the vehicle to its destination.

If you’re thinking of towing a vehicle with a tow rope or car trailer, remember that you’re dealing with tonnes of weight. You cannot haul this much weight without knowing what you’re doing. You need to know the proper way to lift and or winch the vehicle, secure the vehicle, and drive with the vehicle on the back. And even then, you have to make sure the vehicle’s weight doesn’t exceed the capacity for the vehicle. If you mess up any of these steps, the results could be disastrous for you and several other people.

The investment in a towing service is minimal compared to the expense of injuring a person or damaging property. You are much better off hiring a professional towing company to avoid any accidents. After all, if towing a vehicle was easy, then every person would attempt to do it.

When you experience our towing services, you’ll be glad that you didn’t try to do the job yourself. Your vehicle is guaranteed to arrive at its destination safely and in the same condition.