yellow car loaded onto an executive towing servoces truck in Perth WAAffordable and Reliable Tilt Tray Towing Hire in Perth

Looking for tilt tray towing in Perth? Look no further than Executive Towing Services, Perth’s leading provider of tilt tray towing services. We are proud to offer customers across Perth and the surrounding areas, affordable and reliable tilt tray towing services to suit all their vehicle transportation needs.

Why Tilt Tray Towing?

forklift on a tilt tray truckTilt tray trucks work differently to regular towing trucks which pull the vehicle behind the truck, as tilt trays use powerful hydraulics to tilt the tray on the rear of the truck back to a horizontal position when lifting the vehicle. This service allows us to accommodate a wider range of vehicle transportation requirements complementing our already diverse towing fleet.

When a heavily damaged vehicles need to be transported from the scene of an accident a tilt tray truck is the correct vehicle for the job. Severely damaged vehicles are often difficult to tow and may sustain further damage, or risk damaging other vehicles, on the way to their destination if the proper transportation is not sourced.

As a result, arranging tilt tray towing in Perth with Executive Towing Services is an ideal way to transport your vehicle to a local mechanic’s workshop, dealership, smash repairer or another location.

Lowered and Performance Vehicle Tilt Tray Towing

Another situation in which tilt tray towing services are ideal is when transporting a lowered and performance vehicle is required. Because sports cars, classic cars and hot-rods are not only valuable in monetary terms but also highly treasured by their owners, they need to be transported from one location to another with the greatest care and caution by an experienced vehicle towing and transportation service provider.

Executive Towing Services specialises in the transportation of lowered and performance vehicles, including vintage and custom-built vehicles, so you can rest assured that when you use our tilt tray towing services to transport your pride and joy from one location to the next, that it will be treated as though it were one of our own. What’s more, all our tilt tray trucks are fully insured and all our drivers experienced and qualified, so you needn’t worry about the safety and security of your cherished car whilst we transport it for you. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective and reliable tilt tray towing service in Perth, give Executive Towing Services a call today on 0410 471 056. We’re happy to discuss your towing needs and provide you with a towing solution that’s affordable, dependable and gets your vehicle from A to B in the safest and most secure way possible.

Transporting Heavy Machinery and Equipment

Executive Towing Services also provides cost-effective and reliable tilt tray hire services for Perth businesses, including those with plant machinery and equipment that needs transporting to and from factories, warehouses and worksites across the city and beyond.

Tilt tray trucks are the ideal form of transportation for businesses with plant machinery and equipment to move short or long distances as these trucks are specifically designed to transport large, heavy items such as bobcats, diggers, forklifts and elevated work platforms.

A Safe Journey from A to B

digger on a tilt tray truck in PerthRegardless of the distances involved, the utmost care and caution must be taken when transporting heavy pieces of machinery and equipment because of their sheer size and weight, not to mention the financial outlay involved in procuring such valuable business resources.

Our Perth tilt tray service is extremely safe and secure and we take every precaution to ensure that our clients’ machinery and equipment is loaded, transported, and unloaded in a manner consistent with the relevant workplace health and safety and transportation legislation.

This means using the correct dunnage and restraining methods to safely secure the load, evaluating chain capacity in relation to the size of the weights and loads transported, and ensuring all items of machinery and equipment are positioned correctly on the tray of the truck.

This not only helps to protect our valued clients, their business interests, and the health and safety of their employees, but also all the other motorists and their passengers who our drivers and trucks share the road with. Health and safety is of the utmost importance at every stage of the transportation process, so you can rest assured that your heavy equipment and machinery is in safe hands when utilising our tilt tray hire service in Perth and the surrounding areas.

Cost and Time-Effective Transportation

For heavy machinery and equipment transportation services to be cost-effective, they must also be time-effective, which means loading and unloading bobcats, diggers and forklifts as quickly as possible whilst ensuring high standards of workplace health and safety at all times.

Our Perth-based tilt tray transport services are both cost and time-effective because we have invested in a fleet of heavy-duty tilt tray trucks that we maintain to the highest of standards, and our drivers have both the experience and the knowledge to operate these trucks in such a way so as to leverage maximum benefits for our local clients. These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Our tilt-tray trucks accommodate a broad range of plant machinery and equipment
  • Items of equipment and machinery can be quickly and safely loaded at ground level
  • Loads can be delivered cost and time-effectively to a comprehensive range of locations

If your business has need of tilt tray truck hire in Perth, whether that’s to transport an elevated work platform from Osbourne Park to a construction site in Mandurah or a forklift from Cottesloe to a warehouse in Hazelmere, we have the tilt tray trucks and the expertise required to ensure a cost and time-effective journey that’s safe, secure, and meets the needs of your business and your workforce.

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